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Getting fit!

I’ve been getting fitter over the last year - I’m not “fit”, not like I used to be, but I’m so much better than I was. With our wedding a little over a year awe, what better motivation is there?

I decided to get a Michelle Bridges dvd, to work out on days when I’m too lazy after work to go to the gym, or for when the weather is crap - to stop me having excuses! I had today off work, so not a bad time to start!

I got the “Project Extreme” dvd - and can I say, HOLY CRAP that was amazing! She nearly killed me!!! I felt sick, weepy, angry, motivated, you name it, I went through everything…in an hour!

But I got through it. I have quite a red face and I sweat a lot, but I got through it. I’m going to try and do it three times a week for the next four weeks, combined with eating like a responsible adult, and see how I get on.

Here goes!

"Something Blue" - vote for them and you could win them!

"Something Blue" - my pin-up wedding shoes

So I designed these gorgeous shoes, first time doing so, and am thinking of wearing them on my wedding day - what do you think? Throw me a vote, and you could win them too!

Please Vote for Aimee!!!

Vote in the fan poll for Aimee, with Crashing Down, the Irish rep in this year’s Eurovision! THEN vote to make it actually happen, this Friday, 22nd Feb, 9pm, RTE 1, The Late Late Show.

C’mon Ireland, make the right choice. Let’s help ourselves by promoting the genuine talent and beauty of the Irish youth!

"Crashing Down", written by Robert Grace, sung by Aimee.

Ireland’s only choice for Eurovision 2013 - remember to vote on 22nd February for Song 2!

Robert Grace's song "Crashing Down" sung by Aimee as a contender to be Irish Eurosong this year. VOTE on the 22nd Feb to make it our choice - by FAR the best song of the lot! Can we PLEASE show the world we can right good songs still??

To do…

I’ve found myself a bit overwhelmed the last few weeks. 101 things that just don’t seem to get done or happen. I decided enough is enough this morning. I’m fed up of not sleeping and feeling irritable and anxious all the time as a result. My answer has been to write an achievable “To Do” list of items I can get done in the next week.

It includes items such as emailing certain people, finishing my PhD application and small wedding related things. I’ve stuck this list on my fridge so I can’t avoid it! One email is to be sent tonight, with others to be sent tomorrow. Another item re:PhD will be completed tonight and so on.

I found that simply writing these items down gave me a bit of clarity on getting things moving. And yes, I know, everyone uses lists; but this was for items that I was in the middle of and which had simply gotten a bit messy, even with planning at the beginning. A re-evaluation if you will.

In other news, loving the gym visits and diet change. Doing much better than I thought! Hoping to do measurements / weigh in at the end of January! This will give me my starting data, and I’ll do this evey month! Fingers crossed!

Crowd at Twilight Hawkers Markets. 7/12/12.
Tree, Murray St, Perth

Sminky Shorts

If you’ve been having an awful day, and want to cheer yourself up, then watch these little beauties:

Oh, and if you’re not Irish, it’s still funny, despite what that ridiculous reviewer states. They’re probably one of the best recent examples of how quaint our little country still is, and how we don’t mind laughing at ourselves!


Since we got engaged, I’ve been bombarded with ideas for almost every aspect of a wedding you can imagine - so, to help my poor brain deal with these ideas and to visualize them better, my sister suggested this site. I warn you, it is very addictive….but is sooooo worth it!

Just Register as you would for Facebook etc. and pin or like your favourite posts! Simples! Oh, and if you want to see what I’m talking about, just look at the wedding category (top of the page - Categories > Weddings) for about 20 minutes, then refresh the page…mind blowing….

Tiny cupcakes at work- bold snack, but it’s Christmas! Oh, and I’m only having one!

Baker Cat!

Spring. (Taken with Instagram)